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Archer provides a range of services, specifically tailored to help you meet your business objectives.

Consulting, Talent Acquisition and Managed Services, delivered in combination to help your business stay agile and efficient.

Archer: Aim True


We are
Archer NSG.

New Services Group

The founders of Archer NSG have decades of experience providing, implementing and optimizing varied administrative services to clients in legal, finance, insurance and other professional services industries.  We leverage this experience by focusing on new services and offerings, rather than for business as usual, to meet the evolving needs of your organization and keep you on target.


Workforce Realignment

Managing a temporary and contractual labor force requires a lot of effort and time from both your HR and Operational Leadership teams and the ROI to your organization managing multiple 3rd parties is minimal.

Archer’s Workforce Realignment assumes all your vendor agreements and processes associated with a network of temporary workers and simplifies them into a one-stop-shop.

You will have the ability to stabilize costs and turnover with one agreement, one set of terms, one process for hiring, paying and terminating.  Thus resulting in transparency into all contractual labor force from one view.  Depending on the size of your temporary workforce, you could save millions.


According to a 2017 McKinsey report, 82% of Fortune 500 executives don’t believe that their companies recruit highly talented people. In 2019 the average unemployment rate remained at under 4%.

Let Archer help you anticipate and fulfill your talent requirements. We specialize in connecting our mid-market to enterprise-level clients with local, national and international talent to manage and grow your business.  We provide well-qualified, properly vetted candidates for direct hire across industries, disciplines, and functions. Our delivery model drives time and cost out of the recruiting process, while maintaining OFCCP compliance.


What you do.  How you do it.

Secure, browser-based tools to help your business run better by capturing, modeling and understanding how you perform essential functions. The company’s OpsNotes product leverages our proven methodology to capture operational workflows and corresponding procedures that are visually organized, thoroughly documented, and searchable to whatever level of detail you need. PSCertify is a complementary testing and certification tool that allows you to create and distribute customized tests that measure employees’ knowledge of operational procedures, create a permanent record of performance, and validate training effectiveness.

Read more about ProjectStory here.

Enterprise Services Management

At Archer, we believe that one size does not fit all.  That’s why our Enterprise Services Management (ESM) solutions are as unique as your business.  Whether your need is on-site, off-site, or hybrid, we will create a team that delivers you the service levels to support your business.

With ESM, Archer can provide a one stop Service solution for your company.  Our team can take all requests, and either fulfill them, or route them to your subject matter experts for resolution. IT, Marketing, HR, Facilities, Finance, all or in any combination.  Our ESM tool allows for seamless integration of requests between your team and ours.


Archer’s consulting teams work closely with law firm and fortune 500 COOs, CIOs and practice managers to design practical, effective processes and support solutions that provide greater operational efficiencies for the client. We help ensure your firm or company has the objective operational metrics needed to drive management decision making.  The result is better use of time and resources throughout the company or firm, delivering better results more effectively and profitably.


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